What You Are Loved is – and is not

At the moment You Are Loved is simply a resource of guides, videos, photos and stories. We are not able to offer a counselling or listening service, or to provide direct support for people who are feeling distressed or suicidal. In the future this may be possible, however moving the project in that direction would require considerable and long-term funding. At the present time this is unavailable, however we will continue to explore avenues to expand this resource.

If you are feeling suicidal or distressed please seek help from a professional. You can see your GP, call a generic helpline, or an LGBT specific one, see a counsellor or go to your local Accident and Emergency department. We know that you may sometimes find that people discriminate against you even when you are in crisis, but don’t give up, try somewhere else until you do find the right people – they are out there. Whatever happens, if you feel like harming yourself or taking your life, talk to someone. Because you’re a valuable human being, and you are loved.

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