Guidelines for submitting content to the website

It’s really important that this website is a safe resource for people to use, especially when they are feeling upset. To make sure it stays safe and accessible, we have a few guidelines which we’d ask you to follow (below), and we’d also like to remind you that

  • All trans people are welcome here, whatever their identity or history
  • All types of lifestyle, relationships and behaviour are respected here, so long as everything is consensual and no one is harmed


Comments: Please do comment on the site and share your thoughts. However we would ask that you please bare some points in mind:

  • It would be great if you could keep comments constructive. We are really happy to hear criticism and try and take this on board, but it’s best if you email us directly to resolve any issues, that way we can try and resolve things much more quickly.
  • If you are feeling distressed follow the links to services which can help you. Unfortunately we aren’t equipped right now to provide direct support and so we’d ask you not to use the comments boxes for these feelings. If we remove any comments like that it isn’t because we don’t care about how you feel, but because it’s not the best place to share it when there are many more organisations better equipped to help.
  • Differences in opinion are welcome here, so long as they are respectful. It’s ok to disagree with a statement or opinion without being hurtful to an individual. Any abuse or harassment won’t be tolerated and comments like that will be removed.


Personal Stories/Videos: We would love you to send us videos, soundbites or written words – stories, poems etc, if you’d rather not be on camera, to share with the trans communities. We would ask that you follow a few guidelines in anything you submit:

  • Videos should be reasonably brief, ideally between 2 and 6 minutes. We will accept longer videos if the length is needed for the story.
  • Remember that your view may not be the same as other people. It’s great that you express your opinions and thoughts, so please acknowledge that this is how you feel rather than being how everyone should feel.
  • Please include in all videos (particularly as an end statement) the words “You Are Loved”.
  • Please remember that the aim of these stories is to focus on the positives. If you are sharing something that has happened to you which is difficult, please remember to focus the point of your story on how you got through it to be here still, so that others can learn from you how to survive instead of simply hearing what you have been through.
  • We would love videos and stories about being strong from trans people, and also from allies who want to support us and show us we are not alone, so please don’t feel put off submitting if you aren’t trans or don’t have a trans history.
  • If you mention other individuals or clinicians we may have to remove names/locations.
  • We may not post a video or story if it doesn’t fit in with the ethos of the project or with our aims. Please don’t take this personally, we really value that you want to share your experiences, but we need to keep a focus here or the site could end up being a general community site which would be stepping away from our purpose (and there are lots of those already).


Photos: We welcome photos featuring the words You Are Loved. We will not be able to put up any sexually explicit photographs. If we do not use a photograph please do not take it personally, it will have been because it doesn’t fit the remit of what we’re doing rather than because we don’t like it.


How Do I Send You A Submission?

Remember, it is a condition of you sending us a submission for the website that you read our confidentiality and consent statement. It is very brief, but absolutely essential so that you know what will happen to the content you send us.

Once you have done this, email us your content, to and we’ll get it up on the site and live as soon as possible for everyone to share 🙂

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