Confidentiality and Consent

Please remember that once you’ve submitted a photo, video, comment or story, it is in the public domain so anyone can see it.  Make sure you are happy with this being visible to the world before you do send us materials as by providing us with them, that will be taken as consent for their use on the website. We reserve the right to use the materials you submit in other activities which TransBareAll undertakes (such as promoting the You Are Loved project, in direct work with the community, in training others, or in presentations about the project or TransBareAll’s work).

Your safety is paramount in our minds. If you contact us or make a comment which leads us to believe you are going to harm yourself or someone else, we will have to act on this. We will try to discuss this with you first but it may not always be possible. This would be extremely rare but we need to make sure that if you are feeling distressed that you understand we are not able to directly support you, and if you tell us you are going to harm yourself, we will have to take that further. Our actions may be passing on your contact details (where you have emailed us) to another agency to offer you support, or potentially even contacting the police if we feel you are at significant risk of harm. We do ask that you remember that we are not mental health professionals and so it would not be appropriate for us to offer support or counselling ourselves.

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