What is You Are Loved?

You Are Loved is a TransBareAll initiative. The main purpose is one of suicide prevention which we aim to achieve through the following strategies:

  • Promotion of resilience amongst trans communities, particularly through¬†¬†sharing stories and information
  • Reduction of feelings of isolation
  • Provision of resources

You Are Loved is driven by a positive ethos. We will be providing resources specifically designed for trans communities to support mental health and wellbeing by focussing on happiness, surviving and resilience, rather than on how to avoid negative feelings and thoughts.

Our main resource will be a repository of videos, photos and personal stories shared by other trans people and allies which carry the message of You Are Loved. When negative stories run in the media, when hate crimes and discrimination happen or when family and friends turn their backs, these videos and resources will be here to tell people who are feeling alone that they are loved and that there is a community out there of people who understand.

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